First time using I doing this correctly?

Hey everyone, I’m just starting out here on FCC and using this forum so bear with me please, this may be a dumb question.
I’m beginning my first project, the tribute page, and I was kinda stumped right away using CodePen for the first time. Specifically the way it separates HTML/CSS/JS.

I have done the quick walkthrough and glanced at the codepen layout on the example tribute page, and from what I could gather it seems like all your body content goes into the HTML side and the style goes into the CSS side?

As I type this it seems pretty obvious now, however I just wanted to make sure I am doing this right and not missing anything as I divide the code into these separate compartments and makes things more frustrating down the road. Forgive me if this was brought up in one of the FCC challenges, it just seemed like code in the challenges were all written/executed in a shared space.

Thanks for any and all guidance! Real excited to be joining such a awesome community.

HTML window is a place where you write stuff that goes between <body></body>. If you need to put something in <head></head> (like title or meta) click the gear icon (but you won’t need it at first).
CSS window is where you put stuff that would go between <style></style> tags (or external style file).
JS window is for the stuff that would go between <script></script> tags (or external script file).

In the bottom left corner you can click “Export => Export .zip” and see how Codepen connects your code together (it’s an HTML file with links to external style and script files).

Okay, so everything is just compartmentalized a bit. Thanks for the confirmation.

Cool tip, what would I use the external style and script files for? And the HTML file is the same as the preview page in the program right?