Newbie here...FCC and

I’m not seeing much of a relationship between the basic html I learned here on freecodecamp and the templates of Responsive Web Design Projects. The first couple of lessons seemed to be more about:
title h1

Whereas the templates on codepen, helpful as they are, seem to be following a different basic layout ? They use div and div class alot, and do not use the above html skeleton, they use them in the CSS section sometimes but that’s it. Bear in mind I’m brand new, what do you guys do, do you use your own coding platform like visual studio or am I missing something.

In the codepen html skeleton is already written. So you just write your code in the body. If you want to add some metadata in head - open settings and there is a section called Stuff for <head>.

Personally I use VS Code and then paste my code into Codepen.

Oh ok, I knew it omitted the html tag I didn’t realise it did it for everything cheers thanks for the reply.