Tribute page project question

Would it be ok here to use an external link to a CSS file or would I be better off using internal CSS in the head section of the html document as explained in the tutorial?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks!

if you use codepen, you can just use the html box for html elements, and css box for css rules

if you don’t want to use codepen, either is fine

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Thank you ilenia,

How long should it take to complete this first project? :anguished:

Looks like it will take me a LONG time :slight_smile:

Also can we use github instead of codepen?

The amount of time varies from person to person. Some people come to fcc with prior programming experience so they might do it in an hour or two. Some will take longer if this is their first project. Try not to focus to much on time and instead focus on the learning process.
Yes you can use GitHub and then deploy it to something like GitHub pages or netlify

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I fall into the second category. GitHub seems a bit complicated at the moment, codepen seems more user friendly for the time being.

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