keep getting deleted everytime I move to the next step

much like this CodeAlly deleting my files after moving onto next step in the tutorial
I am experiencing an issue with the course learn-bash-scripting-by-building-five-programs. Everytime I go onto the next step, all my files are deleted.
In the posted link, there is no solution. How do I avoid this?

Same for me. Seems to be a major bug right now that is causing a pain in the booty. Have to reset the lesson each time I go to new step and is making the courses take hours

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Hi Friend! I solved this by performing a “Hard refresh” as written here How to Report a Bug to freeCodeCamp

Hope it helps!

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I am still getting this problem even after “Hard Resetting” multiple times. Please help :slight_smile:

Try clearing local storage on freeCodeCamp it worked for me

I am having the same issue as above. Even though I have tried restarting, doing a “hard reset”, and clearing local storage the files still keeps getting deleted after each “continue click” and I have to click reset to get them back. Any input on how to fix this? Would be appreciated from my side.

The issue resolved itself after I closed it all down and waited ca half a day. However, would still be nice to know if there is a quicker fix than waiting, in case the issue returns.

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