Questions about Issue Tracker project

  1. Are we supposed to implement the testforms on the index.html page?
    The issue display already have a ‘close?’ and ‘delete?’ link.
$('#testForm2').submit(function(e) {
    url: '/api/issues/apitest',
    type: 'put',
    data: $('#testForm2').serialize(),
    success: function(data) {

2) In User Stories you say: "Returned will be 'successfully updated' or 'could not update '+_id" Does this mean you want us to return only that string: `res.send('successfully updated');`

I can’t figure if you want an object sent or string so that it will pass the tests.

3) tests fail for example: **failed**

AssertionError: expected { Object (message) } to equal ‘successfully updated’

My function does return that text:
return res.json({"message": "successfully updated"});