Questions about Voting App

Hi there, I’m just starting the Backend Projects. I understand the user stories for the Voting App but I’m just asking for some clarifications.
I get that anyone can vote, but can a logged in user vote in his own poll?
If a visitor or a user votes on a poll, can they vote again?

Thanks for the help

I think only voting once is implied, but not stated explicitly (so you could treat it like ‘claps’ on Medium if you liked and let people vote many times if they care :smile:

I believe a logged in user can also vote in their own poll, too (I let them in my one).

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Thanks, but how do I only allow an anonymous visitor one vote? it would be easier with registered users since you can track that in a database. I know you completed the challenge, can you throw me a hint? :laughing:

You could try cookies, local storage, or IP tracking.

None of them are perfect in real life, but they’d help you pass that user story.

For my one I actually didn’t let unregistered users vote - it breaks the rule a little, but to my mind it just didn’t make sense to let unregistered users to vote!

That’s what I thought, that’s much more reasonable, but do they still give you the cert if you skip user stories like that?