Voting Application, Please give me your feedback

This is the first of the Backend Projects and I completed it in 4 days, feel free to use it and give me your honest opinion.

Github repo


I like it. Try to use an ID system when making the URLs. Otherwise you get an error when somebody uses a poll name thats already taken. Not very Ideal. Its not a username that can only be used once per player, Its a poll title. So thats a big issue.

A smaller more personal issue is with how you select the voting.
When you click on a poll or go to a poll via a link, it should show the voting options. And then only after voting should it show the current vote count. Right now its a little reversed.

Otherwise it looks pretty cool! Im gonna try to make voting site too. :+1:

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Thank you for giving it a test drive, as for the naming stuff, i did it that way so people can easily share their polls via /polls/name.
But I see your point, different polls can have the same name, so I’ll give it a try and rewrite it asap.