Would like some people to test my voting app please!

Hi, I just finished my voting app back end project. It is working for me and it worked when I tested it on a few different browsers but my brother said it is not showing up for him.

If you have a second could you please check it out and sign in, create a poll and vote on the other polls?


Oh yeah, please give me feedback too, regarding any thing you like or would change.


Here’s what I noticed. Keep in mind that you did a great job and that I’m not saying you need to make any of these changes:

  • For new user creation, it would make sense to have an additional field for the user to verify their password.
  • It’s very easy to get duplicate entries (eg ‘avocado’ and ‘Avocado’). Try standardizing the input somehow, maybe title casing everything that the user inputs.
  • Speaking of user input, it’s quite easy for hackers to mess with your database when you give them text input. I didn’t test any of this, but make sure you’re sanitizing the input you get as well. Here’s a primer on MongoDB injection attacks.
  • It would help to have instructions on your polls. “Click the item you wish to vote for”, or something to that effect. Don’t assume your users will automatically know how to use your site. Serious bonus points if you offer some sort of accessible input such as assigning each option on the poll a letter key that can be pressed to cast a vote instead of clicking.
  • I was able to delete a poll that wasn’t mine. There was no confirmation dialog or user authentication.
  • After creating a poll, perhaps the user should be taken to that poll instead of remaining on the creation screen?
  • When I created a poll with 3 options, it showed me a poll with three votes. I would say the existence of a poll ought to be distinct from the number of votes it has. That is, newly created polls should have 0 votes.
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@PortableStick I really appreciate all of the comments and advice!! I agree with all of them and took some time today after I got home from work to try and get through them all.
I was able to do most of them, including the toTitleCase, added the mongo-sanitize module, added another password box to double check it was typed as intended, changed the ability to add duplicate entries, fixed the sorting bug that allowed you to delete a poll you voted on instead of one owned by you, and added some instructions.

However, I still want to be able to initialize the poll with zero votes, and that is how I initially had it but the chart is invisible with zero votes (maybe I could use a bar chart instead). Also, I will work on having the user authenticate again when deleting a poll. As a quick fix I just wrote a warning that says that polls that are deleted are done so permanently.

Thanks again for the tips, it was great to have the opportunity to get more in depth on the project.

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