Voting App. Give feedback please

I built a Voting App with Angular 7, Express and MongoDB. Please try it and give feedback.
Here is the link:
The Github réponse is:

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The look of it is great. When I try to use my github to login or facebook it says

Error: invalid_token. Check the console for further details.

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Thanks Alonza. Can you retry? You Can choose a poll and vote without being logged un.

Yeah I think you did your thing with the functionality of the poll. And it looks very clean.

You Did it bro!!!. OAuth working perfectly.

Thanks very much Alonza…

Your app has no security whatsoever. Basically anyone can do any PUT request they want and your backend will happy put it in database :unamused:

Here’s my votes:

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Thanks Jenovs. I did not take into account the security aspect. I will work on it.