Questions regarding postgreSQL terminal and script output

I am working through the lessons in the Relational Database curriculum.

First question: During the “Build a World Cup Database”, I had to restart the psql terminal after almost every SELECT and \d command because after the tables displayed, they finished with an END that didn’t seem to allow me to continue. I am using semi-colons at the end of commands and I didn’t have this issue anywhere else so far. It’s tough to test SQL queries in the terminal when ENDs constantly. Is there a keyboard command to get back to the psql database prompt without closing and restarting the terminal and re-logging in every time?

Second question: In the “Building a Bike Rental Shop” lesson, I noticed that my date_rented was the current date sometimes (Nov 20), but not always. A few of the script tests somehow input a date for May of last year! Not an issue for learning, but certainly not ideal in the real world. I have attached screenshots of the table set-up details and data in the table as I went through the exercise.

Thank you for your support!

you just need to press the letter q to get from the results to the prompt again

please post the 2nd issue in the Contributors section or open a github issue to discuss it there as it is not really a question.