Quick question on Instagram Clone

I’ve made an Instagram Clone with React, Node, and MySQL.
It has most of the features, including followers, tags, responsive css, etc.
I’m thinking of making a tutorial on how to make it.
How useful do you think it would be for people?
I just want some input from other people.
thank you.

I think it could be useful to others who want to make something similar using React, Node.js and MySQL.

Keep it short, concise and informative.

Where are you going to showcase the tutorial? Is it as an article or a video?
If will be an article, then I suggest reading the freeCodeCamp Medium Publication handbook: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/the-freecodecamp-medium-publication-editor-handbook-cb5876d1ef23.

If it is a video, then check the YouTube Guidelines. But notice that anything over 10 minutes becomes interrupted with another ad. That can be very annoying to your audience.