Quote Machine Codepen problem

Hey, could someone help me with this… I’m working on quote machine project and I’ve made it in plain html, css and JS on my PC with Sublime Text, it works great but when I copy the code to CodePen it doesn’t work. I know I don’t have to write html, head and body tags and include external links separately…

Could JS or JSONP be the problem? Should I have used jQuery instead? Or AJAX or something?

I really hate Codepen to be honest. If only FCC would allow us to do projects outside of Codepen and then just submit links that would be great. I love FCC algorithm challenges and projects but this thing with useless Codepen is frustrating. When you learn the essence and are able to finish a project and make it work but you have to struggle with marginal problems like Codepen really makes me want to quit FCC and continue working on my own.

From freeCodeCamp’s FAQ:
Do I have to use CodePen for the front end projects? As long as your code is publicly viewable, and you have a live demo, you can use whatever you want.

Never quit, remember you can do it - you aren’t required to use Codepen.

Can you paste a link to your code so we can debug

Thank you for reply.

If so then I will definitely use github or just put projects to my domains, since codepen is awful, with its strange rules and tiny text editors…

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It’s awful to develop in, I guess it’s OK to display projects on if your willing to fix everything in your code that Codepen breaks.

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If you decide to give codepen another go, could you post a link to your project, so that we can help you with debugging?

Good luck!

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If I do, sure, but for now I feel way more comfortable working in traditional way instead of Codepen. I guess learning how to use Codepen is too much for me right now, with so many other things to come up with.

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