Front End Projects and Codepen

Hi, hope you’re all doing well. Please forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere…

I’m ready to tackle a couple of the front end projects, starting with the Random Quote Machine. My question is whether it HAS to be showcased on CodePen. Im planning to work on it on Atom at home whenever I can, can I just push it to Github and send a link to Free Code Camp or must it be displayed on Codepen?



Yeah, I use Atom too, it’s great. But for the FCC stuff, codepen makes your life easier and will make it soooooo much easier to get help. And it’s really easy to go from codepen to local (export->export-to-zip) but the other way can be a nightmare.

If you are an expert programmer and don’t expect to need any help, then go for it. As SkyC says, as long as it’s hosted somewhere live so we can see a demo and another link to the code, then it’s fine.

That being said, I find codepen very convenient to quickly check out algorithms and see the results in the same window and tweak things. Even when I’m writing locally in Atom, I may pop over to codepen to try something out.

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Yup, not necessary… while its easier to check code on codepen, its not the only way… and Ill note, the further allong you get in the projects the more advanced the people are who will be able to help you…and they will likely know how to use developer tools to check out and play with your website the same way you can in codepen.

I self host my projects and haven’t asked for a project review since my portfolio project (though I really should…I need to work on asking for feedback) all the same, I get private messages from people who checked out my projects and offered feedback.

So…you do you. Codepen is a great option for people who dont have their own hosting, but if you already have your own, may as well use it. Not to mention it will make deploying your weather app a million times less stressful. :laughing:

ETA Sorry Sky…meant to hit reply to the OP not to you…eep! :blush: