Responsive Web Design Projects - Codepen or Local Environment


Just about to start my projects under Responsive Web Design, Wondering if anyone has worked on these projects on an local environment of their choice, as opposed to the Codepen environment that is recommended.

Even though I am going through the basics at FCC, I’ve been using VSCode for a while now, and ideally I’d like to take the project there. This also helps in creating the sense of it being a real-world project.

Anyone with experience doing that? How’d that workout for you? Also, where did you upload your final projects, if it wasn’t the Codepen environment?

Thank you. Hope everyone is safe and coding in their homes.


If you are going to submit your projects, they will need to exist publicly online, with viewable code. There are other platforms besides CodePen that you can use. You also can do development locally and then put your projects online when they are ready, if you prefer.

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That’s cool. I’ll make the code viewable on my github, and yes the site will be viewable online.

Hi @MiragianCycle!

I use VS code for my projects and then transfer that over to Codepen. Codepen is just one of the options. As you mentioned you can use github too. I think most people just use codepen to post their projects because it takes to two seconds to copy and paste the code over to codepen from the code editor.

It is just all about personal preference.

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Thank you both. I’d love to hear experiences of those who’ve done these projects from a local dev environment.

I was teaching myself React when I did some of these projects so I used create-react-app to do these locally and VS Code for the editor. Worked great. Was there something specific you wanted to know?

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Nope, just didn’t see it encouraged so wanted to ensure that I wasn’t making things unnecessarily difficult for myself. Thank you all.

I think using your local environment will actually makes things easier for you.

Also, forgot to add, to demo my finished projects I used to host them. Super easy to use.

And of course everyone and their dog uses github to host their code.

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I am actually a (very happy) surge customer, which is one of the reasons I wanted to move the project to a local development environment instead of codepen. This is great to hear.