Can i self-host projects?


I’ve been working through the FCC front end material and doing the projects and I was wondering if it’s a valid submission if I self-host the project (for my portfolio, etc) instead of using codepen?

The thing is that otherwise it just becomes this weird thing where I’m putting up a submission on codepen and then I’m doing it again later when I want to properly showcase it at a job interview.

Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

As long as the code and live site are available to view, you can use any method to host.

GitHub Pages and Surge are popular for front end projects.

Oh okay awesome, thanks very much. :smiley:

I suggest trying out 000webhost! I use it for my projects, and its pretty good. :blush:

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As one of the people that verify academic honesty. I need to see the source. Github is okay. I like code pen because that is really quick to check.

So, keep the source easy to see and it makes my day easier before your non profits.