Radio Buttons-need help really understanding them

Could someone just generally explain the processes of radio buttons in further detail, and also provide in depth visual references? I’m going through the HTML portion of the Legacy Responsive Web Design course, and for some reason I’m just stuck on the radio button portion. I think I’m just having issues conceptualizing the idea in general. Or maybe I just need to spend more focused learning time and let the diffuse learning kick in naturally?

What questions do you have about radio buttons?

The specific of radio buttons is that in a group of radio buttons you can select only one of them (differently from checkboxes where you can select as many as you want).
You create radio buttons with an input element with a type attribute with a value of radio

Since you asked, and the question was already answered by many people online, here is just one of the many articles describing html radio buttons

I think I was just having a hard time conceptualizing what exactly the function of a radio button was, but I also didn’t give myself time to focus and then walk away for a bit, that usually helps me. But I think my brain is starting to see the bigger picture now…don’t know if any of that made sense lol but thank you for replying.

Thank you, this seems like it would be very helpful!

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