Rainbow exercise assignment issue

Hello. I’m working my way through a Udemy course and this assignment wants me to iterate over a list of spans using a loop. Here is the assignment explanation:

And here is one of the loops I tried. I think I’m grabbing the source wring. But there are different ways to loop over this. But I also think I have a good start or base.

Let me know what you think! Thanks

you need to call querySelectorAll and give it an argument

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I also think I’m referencing (calling) the wrong element. I can’t figure out how to call and grab the span elements for each color to star t looping.

There are 7 elements (colors) in the colors array. There are also 7 span elements that will be in the node list you create with querySelectorAll. You should be able to use the corresponding indices of each array to get the desired result.

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I know I’m just building my syntax wrong. Either I’m using the the wrong argument for querySelectorAll or I’m not referencing how I should.

in what you have showed so far it doesn’t have an argument at all

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