Random Movie Quote Generator!

here it is. I like the overall progress I am making with freeCodeCamps tutorials. I have to find a lot of help from outside sources as I don’t think freeCodeCamps does that great of a job explaining how to put all the concepts together. But oh well, that’s what the internet is for anyway.

Works well :thumbsup:

I think the quote’s text shadow makes it difficult to read. Also, maybe you can increase the movie title’s size a bit.

On codepen’s HTML settings, there’s a place where you can put things that go in the <head> tag.

And yeah, you’ll need to look up a lot of outside sources :slight_smile:

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Looks really good. I like how you separated the quote and the author into different arrays and then used the same random number to identify the corresponding positions to match them up.

I like the design too. The only thing that I had trouble with and suggest is that you make it more responsive. It scales nicely, but the design doesn’t hold up so great when it gets so small. Maybe put in a media query so when it is below, say 768px or something, the design stacks or changes so everything is bigger and more visible. Just a suggestion. Try looking at your site on your phone and see how it looks to you. Job well done.

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I’ll have to look into how to use the media query. I notice that even when I scale down the browser the buttons begin separating and moving from the original position. Maybe that can be fixed with the media query? I’m not quite sure why that happens or how to go about fixing it. None the less, thank you guys for the feedback, it helps a lot.

Try placing a viewport meta tag inside the html header section, and adding bootstrap js to your js section.

This should help with your resize issue.

I like it.