Random quote creator jquery not working in codepen

can someone please help me ive been stuck for days :frowning:

ok so what I understand from you is that jquery is not working for you on codepen. If so then my answer to you is go to the settings button at the top and click on it then what pops up are the settings for the pen.then go to the JavaScript settings and scroll to the very bottom there is a little button called quick add you then click on that and then a long list of JS add-ons in the middle of that list is Jquery and Jquery UI I would just enable both (mainly because I have no clue what the difference between the two is) and that way you will now be able to add Jquery code in the JavaScript editor

But I did enable them :frowning:

really ! I never knew about the chat rooms before is there a more direct way to access them?

ops i forgot to link my work here: https://codepen.io/kreven/pen/PjgQKp

You wrote math instead of Math :wink: