Random Quote Generator code

I have written my code for the random quote generator but unable to produce quotes on my website or in twitter. I suspect there is something wrong with my JS but I have been unable to fix it. I tested my API off line and it works but not in my code. Here is my codepen link:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey, i tried to share your quote, it gives undefined, and that is because your Variables are global,
i suggest you make them inside the function as local like i did.


Hi @rflynn617, I believe that your ajax’s url is your problem, replace http with https . Let me know if that worked.



Wow! that worked…so simple. Thank you!

You can always debug your code by checking your browser’s Develeport Tools, in Chrome the shortcut is F12 or you can go Settings -.> More Tools -> Developer Tools. In the Console Tab you can see your errors, console.logs etc.

Google Chrome Developer Tools
Firefox Mozilla Developer Tools

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