Random Quote Generator: MIME type error

Hi everyone,

My random quote generator started giving this error now:

“Refused to execute script from ‘http://api.forismatic.com/api/1.0/?method=getQuote&lang=en&format=jsonp&jsonp=jQuery311003923957145428081_1492991504854&_=1492991504855’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.”


Can someone let me know why that’s the case? it was working fine last week when I completed it.

Thank you,

I’m having the same issue. Worked perfectly until today. I have tried looking around for an answer on Google and everything indicates it’s something to do with our datatype being wrong, but I can’t figure out how to fix it (or why it would only be a problem starting today when it never had a problem before). Anyone have any ideas?

I am having the same issue at http://kaypeter.com/rqg

It seems to be an issue with response headers being sent by the forismatic api website. It goes and sends a content-type: text/html. But for most people, we use json/jsonp and the browser sees this as a mismatch.

I don’t think there is a solution unless the people at forismatic can set their content-type and/or configure their CORS

I’ve just emailed the API owner and we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

Just got a response back and bad news, the original API owner does not support the API anymore :frowning:

Sorry to say,

Forismatic is no longer supported. At all.

Please use a different API.

Thank you for figuring this all out! I will go find another API I guess.

Thanks for tracking that down! I already switched to another api, through MASHAPE. You’ve gotta create an API key but it works. Here’s hoping the weather api still works after CodePen changes over completely to secure. :confused:

Hi fellow campers!

I just received an email from the forismatic API owner, and they stated that they fixed the issue with their content-type. I just tested it and it is working! Happy coding!


Thank you! I was gna go fix it this weekend so this perfect timing haha!