Random Quote Generator not rendering in CodePen

Can someone explain why this code is not rendering to the DOM in CodePen?

Please post a link to your codepen. Links to code (codepen, repl, etc.) that can be executed and debugged or code in code blocks are far more useful than images.

In your render I do not see any reference to the state property curr which would hold the most current value of the quote you are wanting to render. That is why no quotes are possibly not rendering. You may also have some other issue (missing libraries, etc.) but we can not know that for sure until you post a link to your Codepen project.

Here is the CodePen link.

I was partially correct. You still need to reference the state property curr in your render if you want to see a quote render.

Also, you need to resolve two syntax issues in your code, so that it will run at all.

You need to get familiar with looking at your browser’s console to see any errors that may be showing and resolve each one. You have two different ones you need to fix. Also, whenever you see a red circle with a white exclamation point in your Codepen, you need to click on it and it will show you most syntax errors.