Random Quote Generator stumped

I’ve been trying to figure out the RQG task and I feel stumped and I’m either misusing the prior examples or just flat don’t understand something. I know I have to call the API and then use keys and values from the JSON.

All suggestions welcome, here is my codepen.


Is your Jquery loaded on Codepen (In the Javascripts section), if you check console it says ‘$’ is undefined and It seems like thats probably cause it’s not loading in jquery.

If you click the “gear” icon on your JS tab u can add jquery and jquery UI.

Thanks, forgot to add them manually on this codepen. 1 problem down, still not fixed tho.

It suggested that everyone stop using the forismatic.com API since they stopped supporting the project.

Here are some good replacement APIs. Items 2 and 3 require you to get an API key. I used the second one.

  1. random-quote (quotesondesign.com)
  2. random-famous-quotes (market.mashape.com - andruxnet)
  3. random-quotes (market.mashape.com - kashyap32)
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