Random Quote Machine - help with retrieving random quotes

I need help with my Random Quote Machine not generating random quotes. Here’s my pen https://codepen.io/mmnatera/pen/BYzjeJ/

Thanks so much in advance !

Check your browser’s console (Ctrl+Shft+J in Chome) to see if you have any errors. You actually do have an error showing. JavaScript does not know what $ means. Why do you think that is?


Cool trick, thanks for sharing it. That trick alone helped me figure it out! :slight_smile: It was a two-part issue:

  1. Content mismatch (had one secure url calling a non-secure address). It was https vs http.

  2. JavaScript did not recognize the $ because I hadn’t added the JQuery library to my html:

WOHOO! Thank you!

Why have you not used a front end library? This project is under Front end part.