Random quote generator

Hello wonderful campers, I hope you are having a great day.
I am in desperate need of your help. I have almost completed my random quote generator, the problem that I am having is that I am unable to add the fadeIn effect. I want to transit slowly into another color instead of suddenly changing it (I hope I am making sense)
I have added the code to do this on line 17 of JS but for some reason, I am failing completely.
Here is a link to my pen -

Please Help _ /\ _

Also for some reason, it won’t work here. I need to open it on codepen for it work correctly

Hi mate,
I thing that all you have to do is to add “transition: all 1s;” to your body tag in CSS.

Nope, no luck. Thanks for trying though

It is quite strange because I have edited your code and it worked form me. All I did was changing css body tag so it look like:

background-color: #eee;
transition: all 1s;

With this background color is changing over 1s period of time.

It worked! I copied what you wrote, maybe there was some spelling mistake. Thanks for the help man. I did not know about the transition effect (so much to learn).