Random Quote Machine - any and all feedback wanted

Hey, everyone! I submitted my random quote machine and would like any feedback from you all. I decided to use the wikimedia api to grab random quotes from wikiquotes. It was a serious challenge, but oh my I learned so much, especially about asynchronous js. It took me around 2 weeks, I am so so happy to have gotten it to this state.

How can I make this better? How’s my design and use of flexbox?

Here is my codepen:

Thank you!

You did great. It looks good but its not responsive.
I think you should work on that.
Keep it up. :smile:

When I click the “next” button, it sometimes hangs for a moment while it loads the next quote. I recommend having some kind of loading indicator appear somewhere while the next quote is loading.

The project turned out great and you nailed the important stuff - async calls to a database

You could improve the overall feel of the project by working on the layout and styles. The black and white feel is classy, but it could use a splash of color, or maybe even a hover effect. The spacing between the buttons and quote can get a bit cramped sometimes, try working on margins. Mobile-sized, everything is a bit bloated and jumbled, add a media query or two!

Finally, linking to Twitter should stop the quote at 240 characters (or whatever Twitter allows these days). I suggest adding that to the Twitter call.