Random Quote Machine - API/AJAX help

Here’s my Random quote machine. I managed to get it working through filling an array with quotes but I would like to use an API. Does anyone have any good resources where I can learn more about AJAX? I’ve gone through the freeCodeCamp material and I still don’t feel I have a grasp on it

Intro to Ajax and this series of videos were a great help for me. Also Intro to jQuery.

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Here are some threads about AJAX resources.


Hey heenslice, I used https://market.mashape.com/andruxnet/random-famous-quotes in my Quote Machine.

You can use the documentation on the site and even create your own API.

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I would still read up on AJAX (the above links look great), but APIs usually publish some form of “how-to”. For example, I used Quotes on Design. Their API is described with examples here:

If you use this API, make note of the cache: false property in the example. You need to prevent your browser from caching responses, otherwise you won’t receive new random quotes.

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