Random Quote Machine API help


I took a break on this project and came back to it. Currently I need help with the API I’ve used. I had trouble finding a reliable API to begin with without just copying from someone else’s project. Now that I have everything running, I’m confused as to why I’m only able to display one quote a day. By this, I mean that if refresh the page, I get the same quote. I notice if I check overnight that the quote are different. But, if I check within the same day they are all the same. The code doesn’t appear to run every time the click event is triggered, but I’m assuming that it’s because it’s actually just pulling the same quote each time even though the filter I used on line 5 is supposed to be random.

You can add the following to the top of your code:

  cache: false

quotebydesign.com caches the quotes unless you specifically tell it not to cache the quotes (as shown in the above code).

That worked! Thanks a lot.
I’m wondering how you found that out since I couldn’t find it stated on the site’s API page.