Random Quote Machine (Twitter button) Still stuck here

I can’t find a way to make the twitter button to tweet a Random Quote Machinequote from my list, only the default setting it comes with. Could anybody suggest somewhere I could get something to guide myself with?

Anybody could shed some light on how to proceed?

The URL will have a tweet parameter. Check out the documentation here:

You put only https://twitter.com/intent/tweet in HTML window. You should append some text to it according to the description on the website @PortableStick provided. You will have to do it using JavaScript.

i think there is a problem with your function though. every once in a while it displays undefined.

i believe its this line:

var randomNumber = (Math.floor(Math.random() * Quotes.length - 1 ));

correct me if im wrong but i think this does the multiplication and subtraction first and then rounds the number but i think what you want to do is round the random number first, then multiply it and subtract?

yeah, I just got rid of the (-1) and works better.Thanks