Random time interval between seconds

I’ve been using a script through Greasemonkey to perform an automated process on Instagram but because the timer is exact I think it’s easy for Instagram to block it. This is the script I’m using

// Just checking if page loaded an
// Find this face it where program jump to start <(O.O)>
window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
 console.log('window - DOMContentLoaded - bubble'); // 3rd
function simulateCliks(el, evntType){
 if (el.fireEvent) {
   el.fireEvent('on' + evntType);
 } else {
   var evObj = document.createEvent('Events');
   evObj.initEvent(evntType, true, false);
//  <span class="glyphsSpriteHeart__filled__24__red_5 Szr5J">Unlike</span>
//  <span class="glyphsSpriteHeart__outline__24__grey_9 Szr5J">Like</span>
var greyHearts = [];   //	Array of unliked things
var likeButton = [];   //	Array of buttons
var scrooltobottom =0;
var fixedScrool = 1600; //	scrool for 600 px
var timerInt = 7000; //	7 sec

// <(O.O)> starting here with timer
   // Selecting all not "Liked Hearts"
   // So we will click "Like" and "Next"
   // Each time then pass simulateCliks function
   greyHearts = document.getElementsByClassName("glyphsSpriteHeart__outline__24__grey_9");
   simulateCliks(greyHearts[0].parentElement, 'click', likes);
   	// Finding right buttons
   console.log(likes+"-- likes for this session");
   // Ctrl+Shift+I
   // Find Console and see stats
   // Thats all folks
 }, timerInt);

What I want to do is randomise the time where it says

var timerInt = 7000; //	7 sec

I want to randomise it to perform the action between 1 and 4 seconds instead of an exact number of seconds Is this possible? I don’t know anything about writing JavaScript

We are a teaching site, so you will have to at least try to learn JavaScript first and make an attempt at the code. We are not here to just give you answers like Stack Overflow. That being said, we have a lesson in our curriculum which discusses how to create random numbers between a range of numbers. With a slight modification to the code presented in the lesson, you could accomplish what you are wanting to do.

Generate Random Whole Numbers within a Range