Raspbery Pi for freeCodeCamp challenges

Is anyone using a raspberry Pi 4 or raspberry pi 400 for their freeCodeCamp certifications?
Will the installed Chromium work in place of Chrome for the certifications, or do you have to load the light version of windows and download chrome?
I am considering going the raspberry pi route, and would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
Thank you in advance!

freeCodeCamp should work with Chromium. It will also work with Firefox. You don’t need Windows.

Thanks, Ariel.
I have a follow-up question.
In the responsive web design course, the final projects run their tests in CodePin, which only runs through the Chrome browser. Since Chrome is built on the Chromium platform, I wondered if anyone had been able to use it instead. The rest of the program will have no problem with Chromium, which is the only browser (I know of) which will work in the native raspberry pi system.
In order to use Chrome with a raspberry pi chip, I’m pretty sure a simple version of windows is required. I haven’t been able to find anything which says otherwise.
Any thoughts on the CodePin, specifically?

Thanks again!

After a bit more reading, I might be going down the wrong rabbit hole. When I was reading about Chromium at the Raspberry Pi site, it sounded like it was different than Chrome. When I look it up on Google, it seems that they are almost one and the same, with Chrome simply being the stable version of Chromium. I would still love any additional info or clarification, but it seems I have more reading to do!

Thank you, again!

Chrome doesn’t need Windows. It can be installed on Linux, ect

Codepen doesn’t need Chrome. Other browsers largely work fine.

Thankyou, Jeremy, for your patient answer.
I’m still seeing my way into this, and your answer is helpful.

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freeCodeCamp is officially supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. The tools that freeCodeCamp suggests (including CodePen) should also all work on any of those browsers. There may occassionally be bugs that affect one browser and not others, and these will be fixed as quickly as they can. You should usually be safe with Chromium but the risk of running into weird bugs may be slightly higher, since it isn’t one of the browsers that freeCodeCamp specifically tests against.

When it comes to browsers, you are more likely to run into issues because of extensions that you add. Extensions that affect appearance (like one that changes colors to give all websites a “dark mode” appearance) will interfere with CSS. Privacy extensions (like AdBlockers or ScriptBlockers) may prevent the tests from running.

Any computer with an up-to-date and well-supported browser should be fine.

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Thank you, Ariel!
It is good to know.
Just FYI, when I open CodePen, it specifically says in the left hand box, that it will only work in Chrome. A couple of people have now said otherwise, but that’s why I was confused.
Have a good day!

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