Unable to run my code, play video and automatically pass me to the next coding challenge

I newly signed up for the freecodecamp challenge but noticed that the output window for my code does not run the code as it should. It always displays the text, “running tests” without showing the main output window nor ticking the steps for the coding challenge. Also, the video does not play if I want to play video.

However, I borrowed a friend’s laptop and was able to do that using his system, but I have returned it and have to rely only on my system for the coding challenge. Consequently, I can’t go further because of this issue.

Has someone else experienced the same problem, how do I resolve it. I used different browsers and even downloaded Adobe flash player but the problem still persists. My laptop is Windows 10. Kindly help!

What browser are you using and what version is it on? Do you have any extensions installed that may block scripts?

If you are not using Google Chrome try using that browser for FreeCodeCamp, or Firefox

Thanks for your reply sir.

I am using Firefox version 43.0.2. I earlier thought there is an extension installed that may be blocking it, that made me to format my system and re-install new Windows 10, but the issue still persists. I tried using Chrome but it doesn’t even open the coding page, as in the coding page is blank.

I have checked the version of Firefox on a friend’s system where I was able to run the codes, it’s version 66.0.3. I’m considering installing the later version and see if it will work. I will get back to you if it works.


Yes, that may be an issue - older versions of browsers would not be compatible with the newest technologies used by FreeCodeCamp

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Your browser version is probably the problem. Firefox 43 is from 2015. The current version of Firefox is 66.0.3

Chrome doesn’t even take me to the coding page, as in the coding page becomes blank once I try logging in.

What version of chrome do you have? Do you have any extension active?

Yes, it was actually the problem. I’ve installed the latest version, version 66 and it’s working properly.

Thanks very much sir

version 47, please what’s the latest version of chrome because mine isn’t even loading the coding page. But I have downloaded latest version of Firefox now, that’s what I’m using

I’ve installed the newest version of Firefox, that was the problem. Please which version of Chrome best works on it, let me install it and be using chrome too. Thanks for your suggestion

Last version of chrome should work

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I believe that the latest version of Chrome is 74, but Chrome should be able to handle that for you.

Okay, yes it should, thanks