Rate my application

I made weather application yesterday. please rate it and help me with the design because the app runs good but somehow it looks so main stream, so simple

LINK: http://codepen.io/romit016/pen/LkOkvX?editors=1010

It gets the city and temperature right. It’s missing the button to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and the other way around. That’s one of the requirements. The page is not responsive. If you view it in full screen mode the temperature and weather description move to the right. It looks weird that way. It’s a great start, but you’ll have tweak it a bit more to make it work properly.

LINK: http://codepen.io/romit016/pen/jAaYmL

this one looks good but still i could not make a button to convert temperature units using jquery. Can you help me with that please.

I did it by creating a button that then replaces the text in the temp div with the new value. The sudocode might be something like:

var fahrenheit = val;
var celsius = val;
var currentUnit = "c";

   if (currentUnit === "f") {
      $("#temp").innertext( celsius);
      currentUnit = f;
   else state === "c") {
      $("#temp").innertext( fahrenheit );
      currentUnit = "c";