React - A Javascript View Library

In lesson 50 of the React “Alpha version” tutorial, I came across this statement:

Since React is a JavaScript view library

Can anyone elaborate about that? What does it mean that React is a JavaScript view library?

The lingo is derived from Model-View-Controller pattern for making software with graphic user interface. The idea is that you can separate a software with GUI into 3 parts, a Model that represent the data, logic, and rules of your application, a View that renders everything to the user according to the models, and a Controller that facilitates input and changes to the model.

React’s idea is that it is only concerned with the view, and its main purpose is to provide you a way to write visual component and have it respond to the data you feed into it.

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It also implies a contrast to JavaScript frameworks out there (like Angular) that are a complete MVC framework not a view library like React.