Really not able to grasp React due to it being so complicated, help please

I’m learning react and I’m finding it almost impossible to learn. This is my first introduction to a framework/library. I know html,css,bootstrap and javascript.

I want to make a simple app like the below one.

I just want to tell how bad state I’m atm that I’m unable to build this simple app.

Can you guys guide me a bit about what I should do to build such an app? And some meta-learning-React tips and techniques?

You need to be more specific with your question.

We can’t explain how to build this app with no context of what you actually know.

What have you tried? Where are you failing? Are there specific concepts you are struggling to understand?

passing props is what I’m confused of forever.

Think of components as functions and props as arguments that are passed to those functions.

Something like

function add(a, b) {
  return a + b

add(1, 3)

could be

const Add = (props) => {
  return <div>{props.a + props.b}</div>

<Add a={1} b={3} />
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