Finished React still don't know how to build project

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The first post here. I’m very confused right now and hopefully can get some insights. I finished learning React. I followed all the lessons, finished all the exercises . It seems I understand everything. When it comes to the project Drum Kit. I have no clue how to build. I read online they say if people have trouble understand React might lack of knowledge of basic JavaScript. But it’s not my case. In fact, I finished the whole book of Head First JavaScript Programming, I understand class, object, arrays, functions and all that basic concepts. I even built one Drum Kit project with Vanilla JavaScript.

I know for the Drum Kit project with React, I need class, arrays of objects, event listener, handleKeyDown function. I found some solutions online. It looks much more complicated than I thought. There are multiple classes, and functions and I don’t know why they are there. I think there is a huge gap between the knowledge and building the project. I don’t know what else should I learn to fill this gap? I think using react is more of a matter of the structure or design, like how many classes or functions are needed, and how they interact between each other. I have no bigger vision of this matter. I don’t know if that’s my problem, if yes, what should I do to fix it? Any insights are appreciated. Thank you in advance!

@6315362881 Those projects are not only for usage of React. You can use HTML and jQuery and some Vanilla Javascript. I completed that project with jQuery. If you only wanted to use React, it is okay too.

Until you use fontend libraries that freecodecamp teaches you and the project pass the test, everything is fine.

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I haven’t worked on such a project, but I had a similar one. A few features were missing, but overall it was successful.

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I also think there’s a gap between the knowledge and skill you need to complete the projects using React and what’s covered in the FCC lesson challenges. I viewed what’s covered in FCC as an introduction. I went to other sites to learn more about React.

I first completed all projects without using React. Then, after learning more about React, I came back and reimplemented several in React. I used class components, so I plan to reimplement the 25+5 Clock again with React function components + Hooks. By comparing non-React and React version of the project app I’ve done, I now have better appreciation of what React has to offer.

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You will definitely have to do more learning than just the fCC React course. But that’s a good thing and how it will be for most of your knowledge moving forward. No one place can teach you all you need to know.

If some course sets up the material so that all that comes before a project perfectly teaches you all you need to know to solve the project then it is not giving you an accurate picture of what it is really like to do development.

Honestly, I would take the fCC React course as an overview of what React used to look like. Yes, you can write code using classes and you will still see code using classes but I wouldn’t suggest writing React code like that anymore. Your time was not wasted or anything but I’d still suggest looking at other free courses on React.

Some links:

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@AndrewAung11 I wanted to use React to put knowledge into practice, but thanks for let me know.

@BenLorken Congratulations! That’s good to know.

@twotani Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with you. FCC lays out a foundation, and we need to learn more from other sources. That’s a great approach to build project without React and then with it. A real appreciation comes with comparison.


This is certainly incisive and to the point! Thinking back, that’s so true, development involves learning, expanding, practicing, failing, searching solutions, back and forth, and then progress is done.
Thank you so much for the wonderful video source. And thanks for letting me know there’s a whole new world of React without class. Learned a lot. Much appreciated.

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