More reading or building my own projects?

I am learning for about 4months now, I understand HTML and CSS, can build simple projects not a problem. I have a general understanding of JavaScript and React, but if I need to build my own project with these languages I am lost.

So I am asking myself do I need to read more content to understand it or just trying to build projects?
I did a Todo list project with React on Youtube and didn’t understand much. At the moment I’m going through the curriculums here on freeCodeCamp for JavaScript and React.

If you have any recommendations on content to study would be great.

Thanks community, I appreciate being here and all the support🙏🏼

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Build, build. build and make mistakes. This is the only to learn our trade.
You will fail, you will wonder what you are doing with your life some days, but at some point you will make things work and move on.

I can’t value enough what I have learned the day I forgot a simple “?” while creating one of my first database models, leading to a chain of bugs and taking hours to fix.


Hi @doriano!

Before diving into React, I recommend you build projects with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This gives you a basic understanding of building web apps.

But first I recommend you complete the new JavaScript course on freeCodeCamp.

Then you can go with JavaScript 30 to improve your project-building skills.

After you gain confidence in fundamental things, I recommend you to check the Front End Development Libraries course on freeCodeCamp. Though it gives you to basics and how front-end development was in the past, be noticed that the course is not up-to-date in the current state of front-end development.

You can check out freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel to find up-to-date React courses.

Keep building and happy coding!

  • Only way to learn coding is to flex your coding muscles daily basis and build them gradually

  • What I meant is, if you’ve done enough HTML and CSS project, then start adding JS to it. Later re-do same projects with React

e.g. Let’s say if you’ve built static Gmail login / sign up page with HTML and CSS, add some validations with JS

Later re-do same project with React

Keep repeating above steps; for complex projects gradually, you can check some project on YT; how are they getting built.

Re-do same project by using your own mind and without cheating, that’s the only and painful way to build your coding muscles daily basis.

All the very best


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you can as well team up with other leaners @adussa3 to learn and build projects together and keep everyone motivated, accountable as well

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Thanks Daniel, I will keep building and building and building :slight_smile:

Thanks @femincan

I am currently doing the

will check out all the links and keep going

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Thanks @vikramvi much appreciate you help

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Build stuff. Make mistakes. Learn. Build more stuff. Spend lots of time doing that again and again. Here is the secret ‘hack’ to learning.


I forgot to mention the reading will come by itself while you are building your projects. Research is a major part of our job.

I always have three windows open at work: Editor, test server and documentation. Without the docs we are lost!

Much success and share your best shots in Code Feedback.

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Forgot to share below TED talk on secret of learning for any age group

Hey @doriano! I would be down to build projects and review concepts

Feel free to message if you want to work together