Advice on learning React?


I’m taking a Udemy course to learn React

I’ve been going through the course, doing projects, and taking notes

But lately, I slowed down my learning and took a break for a few days. When I went back to review my lessons, I realized that I had forgotten the React Hooks I had learned prior back

I know that it’s normal to forget some stuff when you’re learning something new for the first time

But, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to remember the material and concepts you learned


This is what has helped me to remember while studying

  1. Flash Cards ( I used Anki App on Mac ). Also follow Pomodoro technique during learning, building project phase.

  2. Build as many smaller projects during learning phase as well, this will cement concepts in your mind. More you do coding, more it will stay in your mind.

  3. There are tons of videos on YT covering whole of React or particular topic of React in depth, I suggest to look at them as well.

  4. I highly recommend to watch the video

This emphsys why is it important to break down big problem into smallest chunks possible and write down in simple english statements.

Later write down code to solve that problem statement.

All the very best


All the very best.

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There are two hooks you will need to use very regularly - useState and useEffect,

and a third you will use semi-regularly… useContext

With those three hooks you can do most things in React you will want to do. So focus on mastering those hooks as a beginner.


You learn this sort of thing through using it over and over again. You look it up dozens of times until you don’t have to anymore.


I would suggest looking for Specific Videos on YouTube that Teach UseState and UseEffect with clear explanations on its usage.

Once you understand it to an extent picking up other hooks might more easier.

Netninja and Traversy Media on youTube explain things in depth.

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