I don't understand whether I learn React right or not

Hello. I’ve been learning React for a month(I’ve built a lot of websites using HTML,CSS,JS), but a course on YouTube is so long(building a pizza website with carts etc), it consists of 28 lessons and every lesson lasts about 1-2 hours.

So I try to understand every detail, but when I get to the next lesson on the next day it feels like I forget everything that I’ve learnt before and I have to revise other lines of code. It makes me frustrating and demotivates me.

Maybe it would be better to learn something more simple, for example building a weather app or сurrency сonverter. Because I’ve already gone through one YouTube course (7 lessons,2 hours each) but I haven’t written even one line of code by myself. What do you think?

Hi @Nikita Writing a small app by yourself would definitely be a good way to internalise React’s concepts.

You could start as simple as a todo app and redesign it to track something else, such as the books you’re reading, the videos you’ve watched.

Brad Traversy’s React Crash Course is quite a good example React JS Crash Course - YouTube

For remembering React concepts, the new React documentation is very good as a reference Quick Start

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