How to go about it

Hello guys!

I have gotten to the build a tribute page part for the html 5, css5 and jquery. The issue I have is that I can’t seem to retain or memorized a lot of the code. I decided to start over and start taking notes, but again I don’t remember all the commands… Should I be doing something else? Or maybe I’m going through the lessons too fast? Any input is greatly appreciated.

It helped me to learn with other sources at the same time. Try for example - html and css.
Good luck!

Don’t worry too much about mesmerizing all the function and commands. The more you use all the various functions in your projects the easier it will be to remember them. Hell I finished my front-end cert and I’m halfway through data visualization and I still heavily depend on references. Although not nearly as much as I did in the beginning. A reference I highly recommend is and
As you advanced through the courses you will need to learn a lot more libraries( tons of new function ) so you really need to focus on using references more then just straight memorization.

Thank you so much for your suggestions.