Advice on what to do after learning the basics

Hello everyone,
I am in need of some advice about where to go from where i currently am… currently i have a good understanding of html,css,javascript,nodejs,react and jquery.
i felt by now i would feel confident in building anything but it seems everytime i look at the amazing sites people built on things like codepen or elswhere i feel like i don’t know anything.
i want to know is there anything you lot feel i should still learn or what steps would you advice i take at this stage

Just start building things. If you’re not ready to build great things, build mediocre things. If you’re not ready to build mediocre things, build crappy things. Just build things and make mistakes and learn. Don’t worry if it is a great idea or not - you’re not trying to get hired as the visionary but the programmer. Just build and learn.


Pick something that does something and build it.

It can be the usual todo list app that leverages what you already know, and stuff you probably aren’t too sure about.

The goal isn’t to build the best possible version, but just a version that meets the requirements and can be improved in the future.

The goal is to just build something, fail doing it, and learn from that failure. Obviously what you build wont be perfect, but without actually building anything you wont be sure exactly what you need to learn after the basics!.

Good luck! Keep building!


Start creating useful applications