Really need help

Dear Campers,
I have been into web developement as a learner though. But I have learn most of the basics including HTML , CSS and JavaScript . Let me go straight to the point - the issue i have is that when it comes to building things from scratch i get stranded, don’t know what to apply and where to apply it. I don’t know if this has to do with the way i learn my things but i seriously need help and advice from you guys.

You’re the first person to ever have that problem. Oh, wait, the opposite of that … nearly everyone has that exact same problem. Take a deep breath and realize that what you are feeling is completely normal. I and many, many other developers have gone through the same thing.

It is a tough transition. It’s like going to cooking school but never getting to touch and stove or food and just gotten descriptions - never watched anyone make a 7 course meal. Then they expect you to do it. You have a lot of the theory and tools, you just don’t know how they go together. Yeah, it’s a big and scary step.

You mention “building from scratch”. Have you built the projects for FCC? That would be a start. If I look on youtube, and search for “free code camp tribute page”, there are a whole lot of people showing you how they built theirs. Why not watch a few to get started? There are an insane amount of other videos of people building other, more complex apps.

And if you get stuck, ask the forum. But the more specific the question, the better the answers in quantity and quality.


Hi, not sure this is what you mean, but what happens to me is that I learn something and I want to create something to use it, but what?. I find it works better for me when I go on 2 paths at the same time. On the one path, I learn things in order from a book or whatever, and on another path I think of something I would like to do and just do it. As an example though not web related, I wrote a little program the other day to compare images in 2 different folders and find the duplicates. Something I wanted to do because I hate having duplicate files and had a ton. Even little things will get you to learn and practice. (This is my first time here btw, I hope I don’t mess this up :slight_smile: )

I hope that made sense.

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Hi @GMFuster!

Welcome to the forum!

You didn’t mess up.

I think your advice of picking something small to build is really helpful advice for @jonathanfriday947.

When beginners, like me, try to tackle to much to soon then it becomes overwhelming.

But tackling small projects will build experience and confidence to create things on your own.

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