I know html and css but can't build webpage

I know basic HTML & CSS but still, I can’t build a webpage like I am trying to make my portfolio website, and I am getting stuck everywhere. What should I do now?
Please advise me.

Hello @darudul1

Welcome to FCC.
How did you learn basic HTML & CSS? Did you attempt building a project like the ones here on FCC while you were learning? If not I suggest start from there. Learning code without putting the knowledge to use via projects may not help you much.

Working on a real project is very different from the experience of working on small challenge exercises. It’s normal to feel somewhat overwhelmed. Every time you get stuck, Read-Search-Ask. Read the instructions and read your code carefully. Search the internet and this forum for more information. Try different search terms to get different types of results. If you are still stuck, you now have context to ask good questions here. Share your code, identify where the problem is and describe it. Tell us what you learned when you were searching and which part of the results were confusing.

Building projects from scratch means picking away at it piece by piece.

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I have learned from w3school and youtube.
I didn’t try here on FCC yet. Thank you for your suggestion. I will do it here.

Thank you for your advice.
I am a beginner and I am trying to learn myself . Some time it take me lots of time to understand such a small things because I don’t have any mentor or coach. That is why sometime I got demotivated or frustrated. But I want to learn it badly and I want to build my career as a WEB DEVELOPTER. please advise me the right path.
Thanks again.

Honestly, just keep working. If you feel completely lost, ask specific questions. You’ll learn through experience.