React and Redux, best ways to handle the two

Good day to everyone that sees this. I just finished my first react calculator which I developed on the Brackets IDE and it got me thinking about the relationship between react and Redux. All of my data was handle by Redux in the calculator, but is that always advisable?
Personally, I prefer using Redux over managing the local state of my projects (I find that the local state tends to be very messy and can quickly bloat a project) as Redux helps with organizing everything.

Is there any real way I should be handling these two when approaching projects?

Well, for the size of your project, you might want to look into the React Context API which will provide a much better/easier API to work with.

React Context API is good for Small to medium size applications while Redux is good for medium to large.

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Redux handles the data for your application. Any changes in your site trigger Redux’s action creators and reducers and eventually make a state change that is then reflected on the page. Because Redux is now handing the data side of things, this leaves React to handle just the front end.