React and Redux Data flow Between Dialogs

Hi everyone ! I just completed my first month as an intern …Its a small startup so i do a lot of things.We have a checkout system, i am creating it actually …
Firstly we begin with scanning a qr code of another customers qrcode .Scanner detects the user id and makes a fetch request from server , if the user has in the data base we go to next step , the amount input page…
In the amount entering step , the scanned users name must be in the screen .
After entering the amount , we go to last page ,billing .In the Bill page same logic .The scanned users name will be on the page …
But the problem is these pages are not pages…they are material ui dialogs because our CEO says our partners should have access the checkout process everywhere in the application.
So no routes , no new pages … I am saving the scanned users infos into localStorage .
But i dont want to use localstorage so much .
Is there any way for making data flow between modals ? i use react and redux.
And i cant share the files becasuse its a private reposittory .

You don’t need to, just have some state and change the text/inputs in the modal depending what is happening. You’re overthinking this, it doesn’t literally have to be a series of modals, it just has to appear to be that to a user

Yeah maybe i am exaggrating .Because an online payment system seems to me so complicated.But in every modal i already use the state for the taking information of the partner .In the same page ,i need both accounts owners infos and scanned accounts infos .this makes me confused.

If this is an internship, you should have an experienced employee working side by side with you to help you when you get stuck. That is the whole purpose of an internship. They are there to teach/guide you and not for you just to do the work that they could be paying someone else to do.

I am very bad at internships :slight_smile:
Because i am trying to getting a remote position, i just accepted the internship with a lover salary .In my country this very low internship salary is the minumum wage of a worker …So i just cant resist to company’s demands.There was a freelancer but he dont work us anymore .I am just trying stay in the company …