React app ideas


I would like to level up my react skills, by building apps, but I am out of ideas.
Can anyone give me an idea I should try? :smiley:

Have you made any of the ones on the map yet? They aren’t on your profile…

Yes, I did some of them at some point in college or in my career. (In Java or in other language)
This is why I haven’t rewrite them with JS, …yet… :slight_smile:
I was planning to get a step further, with more complex apps.

What about a battleship which works with websockets so you can play 1v1?

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Although it sounds good, I would rather built something else. Don’t want to built games so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @Flopet17 you can have a look at this app that was built off a React course, just try to do it without looking at the code. Bulletin Board App

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Try building your own Trello.

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Good idea. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Oxyrus Hmmm :slight_smile: interesting…