React Application- Suppress the Virtual Keyboard when Barcode Scanner Text box Active/ Focused (Tablet)

Good Evening

when we scan bar codes from our application, sometimes when we hit the confirm button, the virtual key board pops up (Tablet - Android Device), which it should not because at that time all scannable fields are completed and we are only trying to save .

We would like to suppress the pop up of virtual keyboard.

We have active /Focused Text box - When Scanning is completed , We click Save Save - Will call some api (Backend Process) and when save is successful it will return next set off Task to the Front End. In this action , getting the virtual Keyboard - Which we should suppress Could you please help

When the page is loaded, Focus is set to Barcode Scanner text control , We dont get any virtual Keyboard on page loading but we do get when the record is saved and other setup task is pushed from Backend to FrontEnd

I tried like , barcodeRef.current.focus() or barcodeRef.current.blur()

after Blur event when i tried to focus the text box i am getting the virtual Keyboard .

How do i resolve the issue - Could you please help

This might be a different approach, I’m not sure how your script is defining the UI elements, but if it is an input element, you can add inputmode=“none” attribute and it should hide the keyboard. You can also set other input types like number,telephone,etc. Take a look at this MDN documentation for more features: inputmode - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

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