React- Codepen page blank, don't know why

I’ll get right to my point because it’s probably an easy fix.
No matter what react code I write into codepen, nothing renders! I started to write my pomodoro clock
For some reason the page is blank
I even found someone else’s online and pasted their code into a pen, and still blank page.
What am I doing wrong?
The other person’s code:

typo here: ReactDOM.Render(<App/>, document.getElementById('root'))

spoiler: render should be lowercased :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t believe that was it.
That was the whole issue

Typos happen to the best of us! :sweat_smile:

How unlucky am I that the source code I found had the same error.

Hmm it seems to be ok typo-wise. Don’t know why it isn’t rendering… I guess something went wrong when you copy/pasted it? Anyways, doesn’t matter since your code is working now, haha.