React component not showing in browser | Compiling with Babel/Webpack

Using react and webpack but my component isn’t showing in the browser after the build.

Can someone tell me why it’s not showing and how to fix it?

Since it’s compiled to ES5 and linked to the HTML shouldn’t it work the same as just a normal Js file?

Can you take a look at my package.json or webpack.config to tell me what I’m missing?

Project on GitHub

Maybe I’m missing something (also I’m no React expert), but where is the HTML that React will use to render the element into the DOM (container).

ReactDOM.render(<App />);

How will it know where to render this?

ReactDOM.render(element, container[, callback])

Render a React element into the DOM in the supplied container and return a reference to the component (or returns null for stateless components).

Edit: Have you tried using Create React App? I think it’s a lot better than having to worry about the build tools (at least when starting out). Or are you trying to learn webpack? There is also Parcel.js if you haven’t checked it out.