Components not showing in browser

Display components from React

can you post your code?

ok… And is this a question? Or is it an order? I display components from React pretty often, it’s sort of the point.

Is there a specific thing you are working on? Do you have code to show, and an idea what you WANT it to do, and an idea what it’s actually doing? Or are you simply trying to get someone to display react components FOR you?

funny. I posted a question full of code and examples and during 2 hours no reply. I found a way to solve it by my own and wanted to remove the post…
Now that I did that i have people that want to help…
No worries its fine now, thanks.

lol ok. Best of luck! :wink:

Thanks but its resolved, tried to delete the whole post, but had to keep that !! Didn’t think people will come to help with that :slight_smile:

It is not necessary to delete your posts.